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A Royal Occasion for JCM!

A Royal Occasion for JCM!

We'd like to say a Royal thank you to all of you who tuned in this weekend to our JCM excitement! We absolutley loved making hats for some of the g...
Watch Out for Jess Collett Royal Wedding Hats!

Watch Out for Jess Collett Royal Wedding Hats!

As you lovely JCM lovers could image we are very busy and very excited this weekend for the Royal Wedding. Many special guests will be wearing stat...
Happy Bank Holiday!

Happy Bank Holiday!

Happy bank holiday! Enjoy the glorious sunshine this weekend JCM lovers. Make sure you squeeze in a garden party and a gin and tonic while the weat...

Meet Jess!

What our customers say

I love the craftsmanship, colour and fun - you know you'll enjoy the hat and the experience and you'll stand out wearing it - edgy (I need a bit of that!)


Conversation was fun and she didn't mind me having to try on so many hats to find one that fit. You also made a custom sized hat for me. I love the vibe in the studio.


Jess' hats are the epitome of rock and roll chic.


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