Bespoke FAQ's

The Bespoke Process

How does the couture/bespoke scenario work? 

Each year I release a new couture collection. This collection is made up of 10-20 occasion wear hats, ranging from elegant hairbands to statement hats. The collection pieces can either be bought ‘off the shelf’ exactly as they are or they can be re-created in your chosen colours/ with your chosen trims. 

When having a bespoke piece made you can either start with a piece from the collection or we can create something entirely new just for you. 

Do I need to book an appointment? 

Yes please. I am often busy making pieces and running around town for materials so making sure that I am in and have time to dedicate to you is always a great idea. Just drop me a message or an email and I will book you in. 

What happens in an appointment with you? 

If you have a specific occasion that you would like a hat made for, I would usually recommend choosing the outfit first. Once you have the outfit, it is ideal to bring it (or at least fabric samples) with you to our appointment. This way we can work with the colours and silhouette when trying on pieces to find the perfect hat for the occasion. 

How many appointments will it take?

Each bespoke piece normally takes two to three appointments. The first appointment will be to plan and design the piece, this is normally the longest appointment (around an hour) and I am always happy to spend some time trying on as many hats as you need in order to find the perfect shape and trims for your piece. I will take a deposit upon the first appointment and then invite you back for a fitting if need be or call you once the piece is complete for a final try on. 

You can then skip off with your hat box! 

Can I have something made if I'm not based in London? 

Yes of course! Especially during the last year, I have started taking quite a few appointments online and have made several hats for clients over seas. I am happy to correspond over email by sharing images of outfits and samples, or I can take video appointments from here in my studio over zoom and whats app.  I would ideally recommended a video appointment as I can then show you what I’ve got buried in the studio and get to visualise what will suit you and become familiar with your taste.

Can you match colours to my outfit?

Yes we can, If you are after an exact colour I can dye to match.

How long does the process take?

The process can take anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks. 

Can I have something made quickly?

Yes, we can make something last minute but this will be subject to surcharges. We have been known to make something in as little as 24 hours, but of course for best results, please leave plenty of time. We normally suggest coming in for Ascot and summer bookings in April/May. 

Can I buy something off the shelf? 

Yes of course, you can buy anything we have ready made in the studio or anything we have available on the website. We do still advise to book an appointment to try the hats on as these pieces are not refundable and it’s always best to make sure you have chosen the perfect one. 

Are there limits to what you can create? 

No! Well actually yes, we can’t quite defy gravity or physics yet. But we can pretty much make anything you have in mind. Just book an appointment and we’ll see what we can do. 

Hats don't suit me but I need one for this occasion, will you be able to help?

Of course. We hear this so often, when actually I believe there is a hat to suit everyone. It’s normally a case of not having tried on the right hat, in the right size. We will measure your head when you come in and spend plenty of time getting to know what suits your face shape, hair cut and colour. 

Can I hire a piece If I don't want to buy?

Yes, we do hire out last years collection and other one off pieces that you can find in the studio. For hiring we still recommend coming in to try things on. You can collect the piece the day before or we can post it out to you, you then keep the piece for up to 48hrs and return. Charges will apply if the piece is not returned in the same condition it left.