The Story of Lazaro

The first leg of our US tour was in Houston and during our short stay, we were lucky enough to attend the first night of the Houston Rodeo. Neither myself or Elisabeth had ever been to anything like that before and it was truly wild!

We tried on some amazing Stetsons whilst perusing the many stalls and admired them on practically everyone walking around the rodeo. Given the launch of Beyonce’s amazing foray into country music the same week, we decided to launch a stetson with a JCM twist. I couldn't wait to get back to the studio to get started!

Leaving Houston the next morning with a 4am airport transfer, however, wasn’t quite so peachy and after a very expensive nightmare at the airport trying to check in our every precious hat cargo (that didn't even arrive!), we were fearful of every check in to follow.

Cut to leaving Miami a week later after a fab week in West Palm with Danielle Rollins and we were dreading the airport but needn’t have worried as we met the ultimate airport angel, the amazing Lazaro.

He made it effortless and even dropped us right at the front of the miles long TSA queue so that we got straight through. He wouldn’t even consider taking a tip and did it because he has a heart of gold and delights in helping people. Instantly we asked if we could name a hat after him instead and thus the Lazaro was born.

Trousers: Lime Green Bow

Shirt: Amanda Thompson Couture

Bags: The Jackson London

The Lazaro now available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY in Black and Coconut - Yeehaw!

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