Daisy Hairband

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The Hat:

The daisy hairband is a raised band covered in a soft green raffia and finished with oversized daisies.

The JCM Garden


For SS19 our theme is ‘The JCM Garden’.

Imagine walking through an antique fantasy garden and when stepping out the other side you are adorned in a hat that captures the essence of how that garden made you feel; other worldly.


This year the collection has a vintage touch and takes inspiration from the textures, colours and flowers found in a classic English country garden. Expect to find touches of fresh grass, daisies, mimosa, berries and straws akin to picnic baskets. But the JCM garden is like no other, with traces of the tropics, Jess has also featured brightly coloured tail feathers, colourful raffia, and exotic flowers.


Each one of the JCM Garden hats have a unique character and a story that will carry you through the social summer season from a garden party to Royal Ascot, with a sprinkling of JCM adventure.

 This hat is made to order and ready to ship in 7-10 days. This hat is made to order so is not eligable for a refund. Exchange only.

Daisy Hairband
Daisy Hairband