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The Hat:

The 'Lucile' Hairband is a padded cotton velvet covered hairband in emerald green, with golden leaf inspired embellishment.

Can be made without embellishment upon request.

The JCM Garden

For SS19 our theme is ‘The JCM Garden’.

Imagine walking through a fantasy garden and when out the other side you’re wearing a hat that captured how you felt whilst inside; other worldly.

The shapes in the collection are inspired by vintage designs, each hat has a character and a story that will transport you into an enchanted section of the JCM fantasy garden. A majority of the hats in the collection take inspiration from the textures in pretty English gardens with touches of fresh grass, daisies, mimosa, gypsophila and straws akin to picnic baskets. A splattering of hats take inspiration from the depths of exotic, tropical gardens with brightly coloured tail feathers, colourful raffia, and exotic berries.

 All of the JCM Garden hats will take you into a fantastical garden where you lose yourself in ethereal summer bliss.


This hat is made to order so is not eligable for a refund. Exchange only.


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