Your New Summer Essential: The World Traveller!

So this weeks blog is just a quick one to let you know we have brand new hats on the website!

As you (hopefully) will have seen on our site and on our social media this week, our best selling hats; ‘The World Travellers’ are back! Since launching these fabulous packable hats in 2017, they have rocketed to the top of our best sellers list and it seems you simply can’t get enough of them!

So, for those of you who missed the boat last year and haven’t yet discovered this wonderful summer essential hat, we thought we’d give you a little breakdown of what makes this hat SO special and where they originally came from.

The Backstory:

18 months ago Jess was having a conversation with one of her most glamorous and well travelled clients. She said she was finding it near impossible to find a stylish summer hat that was also practical. She was complaining that she had so many events to attend over the summer, and that hat boxes are cumbersome and wouldn’t it be fab to have one chic hat that covered all eventualities, that you could pop in your bag, and still make you look fresh from the cat walk. –  Looking into it herself, Jess realised she was right, so she went away and created ‘The World Traveller’ - A chameleon like hat that crosses continents, counties and the social summer calendar.

The Hat:

  • The World Travellers are 100% suitcase friendly: Pop them in your bag and pop out looking perfect.
  • They are designed with versatily in mind: The world traveller will take you from Ibiza brunch to SW18 Pimm’s o’clock and see you through to the safari sunset.
  • British Design. JCM Celebrates craftsmanship whilst managing to maintain a high street price point.
  • The world traveller should be worn by anyone, anywhere, anyhow.

The World Traveller comes in 2 basic colours, Ivory and Natural, and then you can choose from a variety of bands to suit you. This seasons bands include, bold geometric ribbons, chic bumble bee ribbons, exciting multi pom-pom ribbon and a new version of our best selling ‘Pippa’ World Traveller. The hats are all hand trimmed in the Notting Hill studio with love, care and attention to detail.

What’s Next:

Next, we’re jetting off to Marseille with our travelling hats in hand (or on more accurately on head!). There we’ll be shooting some drop dead gorgeous photos of these hats in action! Keep your eyes peeled for our new SS shoot. On next weeks blog I’ll be writing live from Marseille with some little tid bits and exclusive images from behind the scenes of our SS19 World Traveller shoot.

The JCM World Traveller will be your best friend this summer – Next stop, the rest of the world!


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