Behind the secenes of JCM

With the summer masterpieces now complete, this week me and the team set out to photograph the beautiful new hats across the city, firstly shooting our ready to wear then the bespoke pieces.
Starting in the loveliest of plant shops in Bethnal Green we took some photos of the RTW hats, that let them stand out in the green and summery environment they were made for! Next, the team moved to the Sky Garden at the top of the Walkie Talkie to continue our tropical themed lifestyle shoot. Standing among the foliage we captured some fantastic shots. *Take note it's a great place for a romantic drink if you haven't already been. It was a lot of running around but a fun JCM adventure as always.
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Yesterday we shot the the bespoke pieces with our beautiful Sudanese model Niakor. We again went for a tropical feel but were lucky enough to stumble upon a box of abandoned flowers which we used as decorative body pieces to go with he bespoke hats. All in all the week has been creatively rewarding and a success on the whole! Now to edit and get the photos prepped for you guys! 


 Keep your eyes peeled for all these exiting new pics featuring new hats! They'll be sure to donne our instagram and website soon...

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