The Goldborne Trilby - Baby Pink with Gaudi Band

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The Golborne is the perfect everyday hat. It comes in a variety of different colours to suit the season and is a universal shape that suits everybody. The felt has been stiffened so it has a hard feel to it, but this makes it a hard-wearing trusty friend you can stroll around town in, walk the dog in, it will protect you from the elements whilst standing in a field and on the racecourse, and of course you will experience your free entry into any prestigious place as we all know a good hat can take you places!  

DETAILS TO CHOOSE - because we know you love a bit of customisation!

The brim comes flipped down for a soft more casual look, but if you would like the brim flipped up at the back for a more snappy and formal style, please email with your name and order number.


There are a variety of bands to choose from and on some, whether you would like a feather pin or not.

For an extra special luxury touch you can choose to have a stitched edge on the brim. This detail is hand finished on the sewing machine and will keep the brim sharp and in shape.

  • Unisex
  • Suits all face shapes
  • Made of 100% warm wool felt 
  • Felt colour - Coconut
  • Water and rain resistant
  • 7.5 cm brim


  • Ecru Gaudi Band
  • Everyday hat for all weather conditions - good for all occasions


See how to find your head size here

If you don't have a dressmaker’s tape measure in the house, then use a piece of string/ribbon around your head and then measure it.


This item is handmade and will be ready to ship within 3-5  business days. Please contact us if you need it urgently and we will let you know if this is possible. All our packages are shipped and tracked by DHL.

Please contact for any enquiries.

The Goldborne Trilby - Baby Pink with Gaudi Band
The Goldborne Trilby - Baby Pink with Gaudi Band