The Toquilla Hairband - Saffron Shimmer

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Glitter Glam - Metallics are in this year so keep yourself ‘shiny happy people’ with this fab new Toquilla Hairband colourway, featuring luxurious saffron and golden tones.

Each hairband is crafted from silk abaca fabric which is a woven banana leaf fibre sourced from the Philippines with a lurex thread running through it.

The handmade wire headband base can be adjusted to fit your head perfectly for comfort.

Please note that each hairband will have slight differences as each piece is unique, but the overall colour and look will be the same. 

This hairband is made to order and is ready to ship within 5-7 working days. This hat is made to order so is not eligible for a refund. 

The Toquilla Hairband - Saffron Shimmer
The Toquilla Hairband - Saffron Shimmer

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