What hat suits me best?

Choosing a hat is a very personal decision, and we are the first ones to go for whatever we like and makes us feel confident. We always encourage this kind of choice.

However, there are some tips and tricks you can follow if you are unsure of which is the most flattering option for yourself. Here are some of the ones we've learned from our lovely customers.

Broad shoulders

If you have broad shoulders or wear fluffy big winter clothes, you should know that a wide brim hat balances your shape. We usually advise not to make the brim wider than your shoulders, to avoid an umbrella effect. A fedora is always a safe bet.


Narrow shoulders 

Very wide fedoras might not suit your body type, especially if you have short hair (which we will talk about in a minute). Trilbies are your safest bet, as they have a shorter brim that won't make you look tiny underneath it. 

Dark skin

Bright coloured hats look gorgeous on dark skin, as they make it pop and give light to the complexion.  

Pale skin

Neutral coloured hats make pale skin look softer. Grey, navy and pale pink, for example, are really flattering if this is your case. Of course, dark colours like black look good on pale skin too, but in some cases they can be more harsh than the softer colours.

Short hair

If you have short hair, you already know how tricky it can sometimes be to find the right hat. What makes all the difference, again, is the length of the brim; a trilby does usually suit short hair better than a fedora. 

Long hair

Long hair can be a total game changer when it comes to hats. Someone with narrow shoulders generally doesn't suit a wide brim hat, but with long hair a fedora can be flattering to this body type too.


You can have a look at all our winter hats here and choose your fave!

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