The Ultimate Guide To Our Best Selling Sun Hat: It’s The World Traveller!

The summer season has well and truly arrived! It’s high time for days out watching Wimbledon, heading off to the races, nipping to the seaside and possibly even time for a cheeky trip further afield. With this in mind, the one thing we all know we need during the summer months is a standout, stylish, trusty sun hat! The most natural method of sun protection and always a great wardrobe choice. 

As such, it’s our pleasure to reintroduce you to a much loved design – our best selling World Traveller hat! 

This JCM staple is absolutely our hat of the summer and each year we release a new fashion forward range of World Travellers in the perfect colours/prints for the season. Whether you’ll be holidaying at home or further afield, these designs bring the sunshine straight to you. So, go ahead and get acquainted with our World Traveller range and read on to find out why these designs are your favourite style year on year. 

Meet The World Traveller

The iconic JCM World Traveller is our best selling sun hat every year. The hat has been favoured by many and even Pippa Middleton takes her to the tennis every summer. The hat itself is certified SPF 50+, comes in 3 choices of straw and is hand trimmed here in our London studio. Smart, unisex and entirely packable (yes, you heard that right) there’s almost nothing these summer hats aren’t capable of! 

A fabulous, fun and functional hat, they’ll perfectly compliment your seasonal travels. These versatile hats can take you effortlessly from a morning aboard a yacht, to an afternoon in the town or a classy dinner at a beachside restaurant. 

What Makes These Sun Hats Special?

The World Traveller is a trilby by nature, but the unique perks of this piece take this well-known summer hat to stylish new heights. 

These hats flaunt a flexible fabric that can easily be folded without ever cracking or ripping at the crown. There is a nylon thread that runs through these polycotton hats allowing the trilby to spring back into shape as if they’d never been touched. It’s this foldable nature that gives the World Traveller it's easy packability, and makes it the perfect packable sun hat for any occasion – pop it in your bag, stow it in your luggage or simply fold it under your arm on an evening in the sun.

As touched on before, we have had the hats tested against certified UPF standards and received a score of 50+, meaning they give the equivalent protection of wearing SPF 50+. That’s some incredible natural sun protection, all from our wonderful SPF sun hats! Choosing a World Traveller means less chemicals on the skin and less packaging. Of course, they’re even more effective when worn alongside a sun cream of your choice. 

If this wasn’t brilliant enough, these jaunty little trilbies also come in a fabulous range of styles. Dare we say, there may even be one to suit your every outfit or mood! 

If you’re looking for something a little boho-chic, there’s the Olive Green Geometric style. Something classic? Try the Bee World Traveller in Navy or Green. Something fun, jolly and holiday ready? We’d recommend the brand spanking new Show Pony style, or our Raffia in Pink and Green.

Finding The Right Fit

A lot of people think they don’t suit hats. But Jess always says, that’s often because they haven’t tried one on that fits them correctly. One definite perk of the World Traveller is that it comes in four sizes – S, M, L and XL (55cm, 57cm, 59cm, 61cm) – so you can confidently pick one that will stay on your head and look just as it does on the model! 

If you’re in-between sizes, we’ll even send you some fitting tape to adjust the hat as needed. Simply order the larger of your options and let the tape go to town! You’ll need to trial and error the tape by first placing a piece (evenly) at the back of the hat inside the head fitting.Keep adding tape until you have the required fit, you can reduce the hat size by up to 1cm using this handy method. 

We’ve also filmed a walk-through of this as part of our ‘How To...’ highlight over on Instagram, if you’d like to see it being done. 

However, If you’d rather have your fairy god-milliner tailor the hat with her own magic touch, you can absolutely ask that Jess places the tape for you. Simply send your measurements alongside this request when you place your order, or get in touch.

How To Style One Of Your Own

With so many World Travellers to choose from, we’ve made styling a whole outfit easy. You’ll look effortlessly put together in any one of our designs, and can wear them anywhere you see fit.

Why not take your hat on a staycation, a tropical holiday or travelling? Perhaps out to brunch, to warm weddings or to a sunny, sandy beach? Pippa herself has enjoyed wearing her World Traveller hat for Wimbledon and in St Barths.

Styling these sun hats for women is a task so easy-breezy that they make perfect gifting material, especially for travel lovers. All you would need to know is someone's head size and you’ve got the perfect gift idea. And remember these designs are also unisex – making them a lovely gift for the men in our lives too. The World Traveller is a total all-rounder and is ready whenever you are. 

Taking Care Of A World Traveller

Fun might be the first thing on your mind when you pop a World Traveller on, but taking good care of it should be second. We’ve done most of the work to ensure your hat lasts for many summers to come, but here are some easy ways you can protect a World Traveller from natural wear also.

  1. Do take full advantage of it’s flexible nature, but ensure you don’t keep your hat folded away for too long. We’d recommended keeping it packed for short periods only, to avoid these lovely hats losing their signature shape.

  1. How to pack your hat: Make a well in your suitcase with your clothes and put your sun hat in upside down (crown down). Then stuff the crown with your socks and undies to ensure the hat keeps its shape when on the move. 

  1. If your brim starts to develop a wobble, keep it in shape by ironing it flat. Simply cover your brim with a cloth or clean tea towel and press with a hot iron and steam on a flat surface. 

  1. Don’t take your hat swimming! The World Travellers are indeed splash proof, but it’s always best to avoid getting them wet where possible. 

Just like that, you now know all the magic behind our wonderful World Travellers. These fabulous hats, like all of our pieces, are your passport to adventure ;)

We can also make any World Traveller with bespoke ribbons, or in bespoke colours so do simply give Jess a ring or pop into our studio if this is something you would be interested in. 

This season, you can even request next day delivery for those incredibly special occasions. Simply call Jess on 07947 155640 before 5pm any weekday and we’ll get it to you asap.

We’re wishing you a summer of fun in your World Travellers!

Which style will you be choosing? 

Author: © Scarlett Hatchwell

Editor: Shannon Brown 

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