The British Hat Guild

The British Hat Guild
This week we have had the honour of announcing our participation in the newly regenerated British Hat guild. In our blog earlier this year we talked about how British milliners were on the rise and as it turns we were right! Not only are hats making a comeback but the whole community of milliners based here in the UK are having a revival. We are honoured to be a part of a collective that support the craft and art of millinery as we believe its such an important industry to keep alive.
 The Guild was founded by and thought up by Carole (Aka Carole-The-Hat) and is chaired by Stephen Jones along with 31 other founding members (including us!).  Carole had been nurturing for some time the idea of to re-instate a national association that would reflect the millinery industry in the 21st century. Like all good things, it took few Christmas drinks and little discussion in a London pub to birth the start of the British Hat Guild!
The Concept:
The British Hat Guild is the new national association of professional milliners, established in Spring 2019 as a way of exchanging ideas and promoting our unique heritage. We aim to provide guidance and support to future milliners, and to share our news with people who are as fascinated as we are by hats and hat-making.
Our Mission:
The British Hat Guild seeks to encourage and promote the following ideas:
  • Craftsmanship
    to recognise the excellence and quality of British millinery
  • Artistry
    to distinguish the extraordinary sophistication of its members’ work
  • Heritage
    to acknowledge the authenticity of our millinery tradition
  • Creativity
    to celebrate the individuality and inventiveness of its members
  • Education
    to encourage and support the learning and skills of millinery
  • Inspiration
    to share our knowledge and be leaders in our field
We are so looking forward to being a part of this millinery community in the future. It should be mutually beneficial for all as we will be supporting one another as creatives and welcoming new talent into the industry to assist and learn from us.
Head to the website for the full list of milliners and events that will be held centring around British millinery.  We hope that this concept encourages new young creatives to step into the industry ad provides a platform for educating people on the art and craft of millinery.


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