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The Endora hat is a quirky winter favourite, perfect if you want to be beautifully coy at this seasons winter weddings or parties. The Endora is crafted in a grape coloured fur felt and is covered with black veiling and black scattered dimantes and a skinny fur felt bow.

    The Collection:

    Step through the portal with Jess this season and experience our spellbinding new A/W collection. Each hat will awaken your inner good witch and will cast a spell of confidence and charm over you this winter.

    Find the hat that has perfect synergy with your personality; with a range of choices from charming velvet, embroidered and wool berets to striking and empowering statement felt hats (& everything in between) there is destined to be something that tingles your senses from the new Spellbound collection.

    Not sure which hat would suit you? Can’t decide which hat to buy? Take our hat personality quiz to find the hat you match!