Morgane Two-Tone Trilby - Black and Charcoal

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The classic JCM trilby shape comes in a two tone colour combination in either balck and grey, grey and navy or orange and red. The Morgane Trilby can also be ordered with the signature JCM brass star pin for a little added magic or a Wilber and Gussie crystal bat pin.

  • Suede felt
  • Brim is 11cm, crown height is 8cm
  • Removable bat hat pin

About the collection: 

Jess invites you to step through the portal this season and experience her spellbinding witchtastic new arrivals for A/W18. Each hat promises to awaken your inner good witch casting a spell of confidence and charm over you and those you love this winter. 

Find the hat that conjures up the most magical parts of your personality; with a range of choices from deliciously divine velvet, chic embroidered wool berets with a touch of the tarot, striking statement felt hats that empower and inspire. There is destined to be something that tempts you from the enchanting Spellbound collection and we cannot wait to unleash the sorcery! 

Not sure which hat would suit you? Can’t pin point your favourite hat to buy? Take our hat personality quiz to find the perfect hat match

Disclaimer: Broom sticks are not included in purchase but available at all good hardware stores 

Morgane Two-Tone Trilby - Black and Charcoal
Morgane Two-Tone Trilby - Black and Charcoal
Morgane Two-Tone Trilby - Black and Charcoal

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